How to Post

WJC Calendar Event Request Form


Events may be posted to the Westchester Jewish Community Calendar by WJC member organizations.  Executive directors of each member organization have been sent instructions for designating a user account.  If you have been notified of permission to post an event, login here.


Calendar administrators, please note the following:

1.  Please type your information directly into the event description box.  If you try to copy and paste from word your text is likely to be unreadable due to embedded code that the system cannot read.

2.  You will find a dropdown box for event location which lists all of our member organizations.  For events taking place at any location on this list, you can select the name from the dropdown box and the system will put a link to that address on the event page.  There is no need to type your address for each event as long as you use the dropdown list.  However, if you are listing an event which is taking place anywhere other than a WJC member location, you will need to type the name and address in the "other location" dialogue box.

3.  Please be patient as our website developers continue to work out the bugs in the system!  For now, when you receive confirmation that an event has been approved, go directly to the calendar to view the event, rather than using the event status link in your confirmation email.