Roundtables Overview

The Council facilitates ongoing “Roundtables” where lay and professionals leaders gather to build bonds and share best practices on a variety of topics and issues. These sessions help to improve the sharing of information and the deepening of communication among a cross-section of our community.

Roundtables are developed on an ongoing basis and include (among others) sessions specifically for:

  • Synagogue volunteer leadership (often in conjunction with Synergy/UJA-Federation)
  • Rabbis (often co-sponsored by the Westchester Board of Rabbis)
  • Synagogue executive directors
  • Security chair-people
  • Youth leadership (often co-sponsored by The Jewish Education Project)
  • Cantors (often co-sponsored by Kol Hazzanim – The Cantors of Westchester)
  • Israel activists
  • Social action
  • Interfaith chair-people
  • Government relations representatives (often co-sponsored with UJA-Federation of NY)
  • Jewish Day and religious school leadership (often co-sponsored with the Jewish Education Project)
  • Caring community volunteers (often co-sponsored with UJA-Federation of NY)
  • Inclusion - LGBT/Special Needs/Jewish Multiracial Community
  • Seniors
  • Holocaust
  • Westchester Volunteer Leadership (co-sponsored by Engage)
  • Mosaic LGBTQ
  • Marketing


“Westchester Jewish Council/WJC, an organization made of community members and other organizations, at times offers speakers, facilitators, material and/or forums to encourage the discussion of important communal issues, including issues like security.   WJC itself makes no representations concerning any information or ideas shared by facilitators, speakers, and organizations in forums or in materials.  WJC recommends that each member organization and community member consult with appropriate personnel regarding you or your organization’s specific situation.”