The Council is our connective link -- helping us to share concerns, enhancing our dialogue, and enabling us to unite throughout each year. As individual congregations, we look to the Council to help us find, maintain and strengthen our common bonds.

-A Westchester Clergyperson


Of all my volunteer efforts, nothing approaches the special feeling I have about the Council’s impact on enhancing the quality of Jewish life here in Westchester. This is so much more than the convening of endless board meetings. This is really ‘getting it done.

-Council Board Member


We rely heavily on the Council to nurture meaningful relationships between the diverse religious traditions of our county. The Westchester clergy and our houses of worship are indebted to the WJC for its dedication to building bridges between faiths.

-Westchester Inter-Religious Clergy Network


As an elected official, WJC is my supportive and resourceful link to the Jewish community. I am constantly reminded that the Council helps me do a better job in serving my constituents.

-A Westchester County Elected Official


For the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, as the central coordinating body for the metropolitan area's Jewish community, the WJC is invaluable. The Council is the communal convener and go-to address to deal with the ever-expanding range of community relations issues and challenges. Westchester is very fortunate to have such an effective agency on the ready, representing our diverse Jewish community.

-Jewish Community Relations Council of New York